Multiple Response
Identify one or more choices that best complete the statement or answer the question.


Read the text well, then choose the statements below that can be found in the text!

Mobile phone has been popular for two decades.  Despite the controversy about its function, people still think that it gives fun and is very useful.
      People who depend on mobile phone say that it has been the essential telecommunication tool they must have.  It  can help them communicate with the others easily no matter how far they are.  Compared to the other ways of telecommunication like telegraph which requires a certain tool to send it through the wire or computer , a mobile phone is easily operated.  The user only needs to press not more than three tombols and it is directly connected to the receiver who presses one tombol to begin the communication.  Besides, it is portable.  People pocket it any where they go.  For parents, it helps them monitor where their children are or what  they are doing. Secondly,  mobile phone can give fun and entertainment to the owner.  It offers many features such as simple computer game, music, camera, television, etc. It helps them kill the boredom while waiting for something or someone.  According to the research by some experts,  because of its ability to amuse, mobile phone is able to make teenagers smoke less. More than those reasons, mobile phone can represent the economic status. Teenagers, even adults will feel cool to have the up to date mobile phone with them. It can raise the self-confidence in getting along with others.
      On the other hand, some people still think that mobile phone annoys them when it rings any where and any time, such as in a ceremony, a religious activity or a formal meeting.  Mobile phone can also bring people, especially teenagers to autism. Being busy with the mobile phone, they ignore what is happening around them. This makes the close friend or person become farther and farther. They gradually lose the sense of sharing with and caring to others. Their only friend is what is in their mobile phone. They can sit for a long time in silence with their mobile phone, hanging out with friends or playing games. Can they live without a mobile phone for a day? The answer is surely NO. When they don’t have any messages for a day, they will feel that they lose all of their friends and feel lonely. They even reply texts within minutes. It is psychologically unhealthy.  The excessive use can signal the phone addiction.

      In spite of the agreement and disagreement,  mobile phone is still people’s favourite telecommunication tool. Whether it is advantagous or disadvantagous doesn’t give any matter at all. It depends on the people’s wisdom when using it.
(Written by Hedwig)

The popularity of the mobile phone is due to its usefulness.
One of the advantages is that it is easy for us to bring the mobile phone.
The easy communication depends on the type of the mobile phone.
The annoying sound of the mobile phone when ringing in the formal situation can still be tolerated
The example of the required telecommunication tool nowadays is telegraph.
Mobile phone can separate people from one to another.
The reciever can be connected easilly by only one tombol on the user’s mobile phone.
Addiction and psychological health are the effects of having mobile phone.

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