Chapter Two



Task One

Present Participle

Underline the Present Participle, then tell the meaning of it or change it into a clause!

  1. Having traveled many times alone, those boys get a knowledge of how to survive.
  2. She is dreaming of acting in the broadcasting with the popular actor.
  3. Our parents look busy preparing the party for celebrating their anniversary.
  4. The cooking girl is learning how to make pizza.
  5. The high buildings standing at the center of the town reduce the supply of the oxygen for the town dwellers.
  6. As she was caught cheating in the test, her parents are invited the meet the headmaster today.
  7. We are waiting for the speaker speaking there for an interview.
  8. It is annoying to hear that he doesn’t want to stop smoking.
  9. His confusing statement causes this chaos.
  10. Leaving the children having no parental guidance to play on the their gadgets may put them in danger.
  11. This handmade products producing industry often postpone delivering the orders.
  12. The man rejecting our proposal isn’t the one usually making decision for every proposal.
  13. Snorkeling has been my hobby since my friend leading a marine life community invited me to enjoy the beauty of the sea.
  14. Being the new captain of this club, he is trying to know all of the members having different ability and skill.
  15. Before having the adventurous journey, he asked a lot of questions to the one having that kind of journey.
  16. The hibernating animals may not be awaken for eating.
  17. The spinning blades in the raw material processing machine will grind it into pieces.
  18. Look at this video! The large melting glaciers is moving to the ocean.
  19. Our hard work gives satisfying result.
  20. Having a habit of drinking herbal drink can cause us stay healthy.

 Task Two

                Past Participle

Underline the Past Participle, then tell the meaning of it!

  1. We have bought much food for dinner.
  2. I like the chocolate coated biscuits.
  3. His motorcycle has been modified twice.
  4. The juries were not satisfied to our explanation.
  5. The bridge built around 1780 has still stood firmly.
  6. Protected by the magical armor, he was safe during the war.
  7. Although they have been reminded to return the borrowed books, they still ignore it.
  8. It is agreed that this slope must be replanted by the hard wood trees.
  9. The accused man will be sent to jail if the proofs told to the judge are reliable.
  10. The next step is that the butter mixed chocolate is added to the mixture of the flour.
  11. Hunted for its lever, these fish become rare.
  12. The chosen panda to be the dragon warrior is being trained by shiffu.
  13. The tribes in the isolated region are believed to have a deadly weapon.
  14. I have repeated this game twice, but I haven’t understood how to beat the enemies.
  15. Painted colorfully, the room becomes the favorite for the children.

Task Three

Coordinators : and, or, so, yet

Fill in the blank with and, but, or, so, yet!

  1. We couldn’t win in this competition, ______ we will try it again next year.
  2. These symbols are confusing, ______ we are still able to decipher them through their history.
  3. The two women have joined us for six months, ______they still they still cannot get along with us well.
  4. You may take a rest here, ______ you may take a walk around the garden.
  5. This company offers me to follow the internship program, ______ my lecture support me to take it.
  6. The King had booked two hotels for his family and relatives, ______ he cancelled it because of his problem in his country.
  7. The judge couldn’t find the strong evidences to punish Mr. Tuki, ______ he finally decided to send him to the jail.
  8. The sun is shinning brightly, ______ the visitors can enjoy the glittering water in the river on the slope of the mountain.
  9. This house is very luxurious, ______ it is too quiet to be a home.
  10. The visitors may process the coffee themselves, ______ they can just enjoy the various tastes of the coffee.
  11. One of the racers fell from his motorcycle, ______ he could get the finish line.
  12. It is rude to intervene other’s family problem in this village, ______ the people don’t care about the violence in a family.
  13. Some parents have agreed to cooperate with the school in educating their children, ______ they have consented some programs.
  14. The schools are allowed to have outing class programs, ______ they may have a kind of workshop on arts.
  15. Hospitality has been one of the Indonesian characters, ______ they lose it at present.

Task Four

                Adjective Clause

 Fill in the blank with the correct relative pronoun!

  1. Will you tell me the medicine ______ can cure itchy due to a certain allergy.
  2. She won’t answer the message ______ sender is unknown.
  3. The people ______ family members were included on the manifest were shocked when they knew that their plane crashed a mountain.
  4. She leaves me a big question ______ she quitted from her job.
  5. The period ______ religions were opposed to one another was called a doom day.
  6. My father never believes to the salesman ______ talks nonsense.
  7. You should visit Japan on the Spring ______ various kinds of flowers are blooming beautifully.
  8. Your book, ______ you wrote last year, is really inspiring.
  9. Have you ever visited the waterfalls ______ water is glimmering because of the sunshine.
  10. I never want to enter a house ______ is rarely developed.
  11. Will you suggest the place ______ we can find a merchandise or snacks for a gift.
  12. The American Ninja Warrior ______ is able to go to final must have a strong body and mentality.
  13. The badminton player ______ we are going to interview has won the Tomas Cup Championship twice.
  14. The government has decided the time ______ they are going to hold the presidential election.
  15. The super model ______ the UNESCO chose to be the education ambassador is a psychiatrist.

Task Five

                Noun Clause

 State whether each sentence below has the correct Noun Clause or not!

  1. He doesn’t want to spend whatever he has gained for useless things.
  2. Who does survive in these hard games will be sent to America to follow the similar games.
  3. I am proud of the Indonesian army because of what they did to the hostages.
  4. The leader states what he won’t fire the employees but guide them to be better.
  5. The rule is that no one is allowed to bring food into the room.
  6. How many will people  attend this interesting seminar can be predicted.
  7. I wish he knew how deep is my love  for him.
  8. We are really sorry for what did we said.
  9. What I am dreaming is that English becomes the second languages in this country as Malaysia does.
  10. The child’s common question is how did he come out of his mother’s stomach.
  11. They cannot explain why they made hoaxes in the social media.
  12. I will learn on this new technology to who you have employed for more than 5 years.
  13. The manager hasn’t consented to when is the psychology test  going to be held.
  14. Please, search for whose fingers were on that dead body.
  15. His wish is that he could build a library for those poor children.

Task Six

                Adverbial Clause

 Complete the sentences below!

  1. The participants look sleepy in as much as …
  2. The leader couldn’t accept the reason although …
  3. The scholarship isn’t easy to get for …
  4. The trip won’t cost too much unless…
  5. The fruity candies produced by home industries are so tasteful that …
  6. Indonesian movies have entered the international festival since …
  7. The president should pay more attention on the education of the young generation so that …
  8. Dust is considered to be one of the allergen where as …
  9. Our team will be the best provided …
  10. The conversation is being ed to the discussing of the political topic because …
  11. Every one is showing their talent in that …
  12. It is so difficult to review an English book whose words are strange for me that …
  13. The climbers stayed at the mountain until …
  14. The biggest storm destroyed the houses so terribly that …
  15. The competition will run well in case …
  16. We are trying to answer the answer when …
  17. Please, stand by me in order that …
  18. It’s easy to take a picture on children while …
  19. She loves her house as …
  20. My experience isn’t related to the historical journey now that …


Choose the correct answer!

  1. The president didn’t want to meet her people, … she gave them many gifts. (A. yet;  B.  and;   C.  or;   D.  but)
  1. Mind your own business … you don’t want to get a trouble with them.  (A.that;  B.    where;   C.  if;   D.  unless)
  1. … , those children don’t pay attention on what he teacher is saying.  (A.The focus on their gadget;   B.    The gadget focusing;   C.   To Focus on their gadget;   D. Focusing on their gadget)
  1. The two boys have been playing the on line game ….  (A. I arrived three hours ago;   B.  since I arrived three hours ago;   C.  when I was arriving three hours ago;   D.  I was  arriving three hours ago)
  1. Rian gets used to sleeping late ….  (A. doing his job;   B.  to doing his job;   C.done his job;    D.  because doing his job)
  1. …, the “Garuda”, the mystical bird, may not be used informally.  (A. To choose as the symbol of our country;   B.    The symbol of our country;   C.Choosing as the symbol of our country;   D. Chosen as the symbol of our country)
  1. That child is talking on the toy phone seriously … he were talking to someone.  (A.  As if ;   B.   for;   C.  Unless;    D.  in order that)
  1. Woman is easily influenced by hoaxes …  (A.  Sending to her gadget;    B.  to send to her gadget;   C. sent to her gadget;    D.  to her gadget)
  1. The troops could attack the terrorists through the air, …their base camp through the secret route.  (A. or they entered;    B.  they entered;   C.entering;  D.  and enter)
  1. The delivered stuff will be sent back … they aren’t suitable to the ordered ones.  (A. because;    B.  although;  C. so that;     D. before)
  1. There are still many expired food and drinks in the super mall, … the thing before buying it.  (A. people must check;   B.   so people must check;   C.if people must check;     D.  must check)
  1. My best friend often opposes to … or do.  (A. I suggest;    B.  suggest;   C.suggestion;     D.  what I suggest)
  1. There will be an explanation of the reason … their salary yet.  (A. why they haven’t got;   B. they haven’t got;   C. having gotten;    D.  to have gotten)
  1. Some wealthy football clubs … thousand dollars to buy a new player are protested by their fans.  (A. often send;    B.  often sending;    C.  which often send;     D.  which often sending)
  1. … of the marine life, I praise the Lord for His wonderful creation.  (A. To enjoy the beauty;   B. Enjoying the beauty;   C.  Enjoyed the beauty;     D. To enjoying the beauty)
  1. You had better prepare yourself well … in case there are many questions about this material.  (A. before to speak;   B.  before speaking;   C. after to speak ;     D. after speaking)
  1. Those children are planting the seeds … the teacher guides.  (A. in that;   B.unless;   C. in order that;   D.  as soon as)
  1. … the members of the parliament force the Ant Corruption Commission to give the record is protested by the people.  (A.  If;   B.  That;  C.  By ;   D. After)
  1. … the children’s favorite in this toy shop.  (A. Speaking dolls are;   B. Dolls are speaking;   C. The speaking dolls are;    D.  The dolls speaking)
  1. The plant eating animals called herbivore … the meat eating animals.  (A.tamer are than;   B. are tamer;  C. tamer than;   D.  are tamer than)

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