Chapter 6: Modal Verb and Modal Perfect

BSE : 3.6/4.6/4/6.1

Chapter 6 : Talking on the phone  about : event, offer,  promise, reservation, etc. with Modal Verbs and Modal Perfect

  1. Identity



Time allocation : 11 X 45 minutes

Basic Competence

3.6  menerapkan fungsisosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan teks interaksi transaksional lisan dan tulis yang melibatkan tindakan memberi dan meminta informasi melalui telepon terkait acara, tawaran, janji dan reservasi, sesuai dengan konteks penggunaannya.

4.6  menyusun teks interaksi transaksional lisan dan tulis yang melibatkan tindakan memberi dan meminta informasi melalui telepon terkait acara, tawaran, janji dan reservasi, dengan memperhatikan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan yang benar dan sesuai konteks.

Learning purpose  

In this chapter, you will learn about how to have a phone call dealing to event, offer, promise, reservation, etc. Surely, you will have to know the proper grammatical structure used to make the whole dialogue meaningful.  Practicing how to compose those dialogues is needed to enhance your understanding on the social function and the text structure of those expressions.

  1. Learning process

GENERAL INSTRUCTION : You must ensure that you understand the material step by step. At the end, there will be an evaluation to test your level of understanding on the material. When your level is above the passing score, you may continue to the next material. Before you ask for the evaluation, please ensure yourself that you have already mastered the whole material in this chapter.


A request to someone to do something for us is a common thing people have in having an interaction, and promises and offers are too.  Now,  write a request, a promise and an offer you have ever made to your friends, parents or someone else.

You had better do some exercises below to learn some other expressions.




  1. Listen! Everyone has to win once in these games in order not to be eliminated.
  2. Shall we have fun activities for these children?
  3. I cannot activate this program right now for there is still a problem with the execution.
  4. Sir, would you check the data we sent to you just now? We need your quick decision.
  5. Can I help you dry these clothes? It’s going to rain.
  6. We may get the front seat if we leave now. So, hurry up!
  7. People could be more tolerant to something different around them some years ago.
  8. We may not enter these two cages because this is a mating season for them.
  9. Will you connect us to your boss? We have some important information.
  10. Of course, I will finish editing the video as soon as possible.
  11. Should I schedule your activities, Sir? You look so confused with all of these activities.
  12. Every one may taste each dish. We are promoting some new menus.
  13. We don’t have to stay here the whole afternoon. He allows us to go home earlier.
  14. Some prisoners can still control the distribution of the drugs.
  15. The landslides can still occur in some regions during this rainy season.
  16. Can you plug the data into the computer? I’m still busy now.
  17. Don’t worry, we will take care of the souvenirs. We know where to find them.
  18. Shall I speak to your parents about this plan? Hopefully, they will agree to it.
  19. Should we spend our holidays exploring the historical sites for our research?
  20. You must revise your paper now or you’ll get zero.
  21. He can’t show up in this gathering because he is still angry with me.
  22. He might not tell anything about his personal life.
  23. We mustn’t speak in Indonesian during the seminar to train our English.
  24. Would you mind pouring some wine into this dough?
  25. You can use my laptop. I have finished my task.
  26. You shouldn’t fail your customers with these qualified services and products.
  27. Would you like to verify what you said? Everyone becomes confused about your statement.
  28. Would you like us to handle the hotel reservation and the transportation? This is one of our services.
  29. You should read the instructions carefully before installing this device.
  30. This company must be in financial distress after getting some losses for some months.



  1. Suggestion : shall, should





Example : Ali : Hello, am I speaking to Ira?

Ira : Sure.

Ali : Sorry, that I didn’t answer your call some minutes ago because I left my phone in my bedroom. Is there something I can help?

Ira : Yes, I told my parents about our plan, but it seemed that they were still not sure about it. They need some time to consider it.

Ali : Shall I speak to your parents about this plan? Hopefully, they will agree to it.

Ira : That’s what I need because our time is limited and I need their consent.

Ali : Ok. I’m going to your house in an hour. Are your parents available now?

Ira : Yes, they are having lunch. Thank you so much for your help.

Ali   : Don’t mention it!


In the next two exercises, you will learn about the differences between Modal Verbs and Modal Perfect.



  1. If you had shared the location, they (wouldn’t get / wouldn’t have got) lost yesterday.
  2. He has been in London for three years. His English (must be / must have been) much better than mine.
  3. How stupid I was! I (should back up / should have backed up) my data before I re-installing my computer.
  4. We need not to be worried because the packages (will arrive / will have arrived) by Wednesday. We still have three days to unpack them and arrange all the items.
  5. The fishermen (could get / could have gotten) a lot of fish from this lake before the coal mining was built near it.
  6. Some prisoners look happy. They (may have / may have had) a phone call to  someone they miss for some minutes.
  7. The big question is where the father was. He (could save/ could have saved) his family from the terrible murder as he was one of the best soldiers.
  8. Everyone has a deep pity for the old woman’s arrest. She (may not know/ may not have known) that her bag contained drugs as there are bags having the same models as hers.
  9. The visitors (may take /may have taken) some pictures on the most wonderful spot if the way to go there hadn’t been damaged.
  10. We (should be / should have been) technologically literate if we don’t want to fall behind other countries’ fast development.
  11. You (must be / must have been) quite disappointed yesterday. You had prepared everything but your guests cancelled the meeting.
  12. A traveler (must have / must have had) a complete map with him during his traveling.
  13. The skillful workers (must get/ must have gotten) more chances to be accepted in many kinds of job than the unskillful ones.
  14. Our boss (can’t have/ can’t have had) the good reason to postpone the meeting as we have given to him all of the reports he needs to be discussed.
  15. Some detained mayors (can’t have / can’t have had attention) on people’s welfare for they corrupted the people’s money for their own needs.



  1. If some young people hadn’t protected Soekarno and friends, he couldn’t have proclaimed the independence for Indonesia.
  2. Some foreigner botanists may have bred these rare plants in this garden years ago.
  3. There have been many teenagers getting deep stressed due to the mobile phone. Parents should not have given the phone when they were still kids.
  4. I just wonder how it happened. He could have saved himself.
  5. The students can’t have been able to finish their writing as the time was only 25 minutes for 500 words.
  6. All of the climbers must have prepared everything including their stamina before mounting the highest mountain in the world.
  7. We wouldn’t have left him alone if we had known that he was afraid of the dark.
  8. If the waves hadn’t been too high, we may have gone surfing.
  9. This village has been empty since the virus attacked its people. They may not have known what attacked them.
  10. Every Mayor will have reported their wealth by the end of this month.
  11. Some miners can’t have thought about the risk of digging the land for tens of meters.
  12. The young terrorists must have got the wrong concept of an ideology when they were still kids.
  13. Some greatest inventors may not have thought the impact of their invention to the world.
  14. We should have checked the suitcase before buying it. Now, we regret it.
  15. If we had reserved the hotel a month earlier, we would have got the one that was near the event.



For the first dialogue  :

a. That’s correct. Can you buy me the VIP ticket?    b. Are still doing your hobby?    c. I will see you if the time is convenient.   d. I have to meet my lecturer for my exam.

 Rojer :     Hello, this is Rojer speaking.

Yoan      :     Hi, Rojer, still remember me?  It’s Yoan, your classmate when we were eight graders.

Rojer     :     Ahh… I see. You were the naughtiest girl. How is the life with you? (1) __________

Yoan      :     I’m pretty fine. Sure, that’s why I call you. I hear that there is going to be a carnival in your town, the international one.

Rojer     :     Yep … will you come to see it?

Yoan      :     (2) ___________

Rojer     :     Sure, I will. How many tickets do you need?

Yoan      :     Four, but wait… will you accompany me to see it?

Rojer     :     Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t.  (3) ________________

Yoan      :     That’s ok. Will you send me a message when you get the tickets? I’ll transfer the money.

Rojer     :     Don’t worry!

Yoan      :     Thanks, Rojer for your help.  (4) _______________

Rojer : It’s my pleasure.

 For the second dialogue:  

e.  You may not go anywhere, just stay near him.   f. I can’t accept your call now.   g.  could you listen for a while?

Finna :     Hello …. Dion..

Dion       :     Sorry, Finna  (5) __________ as I am having a meeting.

Finna     :     Please, (6) __________This is about our father. He got a heart attack. I am in the hospital now.

Dion       :     What? I am off straight away.  Whom are you with now?

Finna     :     No one.

Dion       :     I am arriving in fifteen minutes. (7) ____________

Finna     :     Alright, but have a careful driving. I’m taking care of him.

For the third dialogue:

h.  Would you mind spelling your name?    i. Can I also book a restaurant for one night on Sunday?    j. Can you connect me to Mr. Indiana?     k. May I know your name, Sir?    l. Are they facing the beach?

Erain :     Hello, good morning! This is Irama Hotel. Can I help you?

Mr. Fat :     Yes, I want to reserve three rooms for this Sunday.

Erain      :     (8) _______________

Mr. Fat :     I am Fattali Wiryono.

Erain      :     I beg your pardon. (9) _______________

Mr. Fat :     F-A-T-T-A-L-I   W-I-R-Y-O-N-O

Erain      :     Thank you, and your address, please?

Mr. Fat :     Brawijaya street number 123 Malang.

Erain      :     Thank you. We have three kinds of room, the standard, deluxe and suite. Which do you prefer, Sir?

Mr. Fat :     Two suites and one deluxe. (10) ____________

Erain      :     Yes, Sir! For the suites, we have a private swimming pool near the beach. How long will you stay?

Mr. Fat :     We plan to have three days. (11) ________________

Erain      :     I’m sorry. I’m afraid that you cannot use it because someone else has booked it on the same day.

Mr. Fat :     (12)____________ I want to talk to him.

Erain      :     Oh …sure.



 Let’s summarize what we have learnt!

  1. How is the structure of a sentence with Modal Verb?
  2. How is the structure of a sentence with Modal Perfect?
  3. What is the different social function between Modal Verb and Modal Perfect?
  4. Mention some expressions which use Modal Verbs!
  5. Mention some expressions which use Modal Perfect!


No Questions Yes No
1. Can you differentiate the sentence structure of Modal Verb from that of Modal Perfect?
2. Can you differentiate the social function of Modal Verb from that of Modal Perfect?
3. Can you mention some expressions which use Modal Verbs and apply them in daily conversation?
4. Can you mention some expressions which use Modal Perfect and apply them in daily conversation?



Chapter Six


Task One

The basic use of the adjectives and adverbs

State whether the sentence is correct or incorrect!

  1. What you are planning will be possibly done if everyone has the same spirit.
  2. We found the victims badly injury.
  3. The children are making the wall colorfully.
  4. The water in this river flows rapid.
  5. His hair is extreme long, she won the world record for the longest hair.
  6. I will highly recommend you to this position as you have experienced it for 5 years.
  7. The magnificently displayed historically objects attract young people to visit the museum.
  8. The slow moving pictures are easily recorded by my old camera.
  9. The manager responded his staff’s protest so calmly that they finally realized their mistake.
  10. He is nervously because it’s the first time for him to express his feelings to a woman.
  11. The quick movement in karate is difficult to learn.
  12. As he is a sweet guy, everyone feels comfortable to be with him.
  13. The carefully done task will be scored higher.
  14. His wealth has been dramatically decreasing since his son died.
  15. They will automatically defend themselves as they are afraid of being punished.

Task Two

Adjectives after linking verbs

Choose  the correct sentence below!

  1. What you cook tastes deliciously.
  2. My sons become more and more dependent.
  3. Those high school students look competently in presenting their job.
  4. The people grow more and more creatively in innovating on line shopping.
  5. The more magically the creation of the monsters is, the more awesome the movie will be.
  6. Hunting traditional food sounds interesting.
  7. It seems hard for the students to learn what they dislike.
  8. Your bruise turns bluish.
  9. Does the jacket appear suitably on me?
  10. The audience went crazily when their idol came into the stage and went into the crowd.
  11. It becomes rarely to find the honest and credible leader nowadays.
  12. The visitors feel comfortable in this resort as it is far from the crowded city.
  13. It smells fishy around the place where fishermen sell their fish.
  14. I sounds wonderfully having adventurous journey with friends.
  15. The tire went flat when we were hurrying to catch up our friends who had been far ahead.

Task Three

Noun + -ly as adjective

Choose the correct sentence!

  1. The heavenly creatures are usually depicted as babies with wings.
  2. His classmates seem so friend that he feels comfortable in new class.
  3. Despite his alone life, he doesn’t want to re-marry because of his deep love to his dead wife.
  4. Everyone leaves for school or work earlier every Monday.
  5. The international flower carnival is held yearly in Tomohon, Sulawesi.
  6. I have subscribed this monthly magazine for almost 15 years.
  7. The violence done by children will be like to happen if they lack of parents’ love
  8. The dancing water show in Hongkong so love that a lot of people around the world are attracted to see it.
  9. The nightly movie is usually for adults.
  10. If this pearl weren’t too costly, I would buy it.
  11. The natives kindly invite the strangers or visitors to their home without any prejudice.
  12. Boys should be taught how to solve their problem manly.
  13. The easterly sunshine warms my house every morning.
  14. The honestly persons are now considered stupid by people because they won’t get rich.
  15. Mr. and Mrs. Anton had had a happily marriage for two years before their plane crashed a mountain.

Task Four

Articles (a, an, the)

Find the incorrect article in every sentence!

  1. I prefer to stay in the hotel when traveling.
  2. What the silly argument! He shouldn’t give the reason that can weaken his previous statement.
  3. As a popular actress, she has a lots of activities.
  4. Would you like to have the glass of water or the cup of tea?
  5. Please, give me the morning paper! I can’t find a news I need in this paper.
  6. We had a light breakfast this morning, so we need the complete lunch this afternoon.
  7. People have destroyed an Earth.  They don’t realize that things made of the plastic are dangerous.
  8. There is a story about the baby that was raised by wolves. A baby was grown up into a strong man but behaved as the wolves do.
  9. A trees in a botanical garden are rarely found in other places. Even we can find a tree that has been hundred years of age.
  10. This is the most wonderful spot I have ever visited and this is a first time for me to enjoy the fresh air after having been sick for some weeks.
  11. Ariel has been in a prison for almost a year. His relatives and friends often go to a prison to visit him.
  12. Please, don’t go the home late because we want to have a dinner with the They will come at 17.00.
  13. He has been here for a As a university student, he has to complete a research on the people’s behavior.
  14. Many street children are long for a sweet home where they can go a home everyday and meet the persons whom they love and who love them.
  15. I have no a courage to express my feelings. I have lost a courage since he left me.

Task Five

Other Modifiers

 Correct the modifiers below!

  1. The twins are different. One is tall and two is shorter.
  2. Would you like any water?
  3. We have an order of making 100 cakes so we need little flour and eggs.
  4. If you have any information, please tell me instantly.
  5. Some stand in this place sells the same things.
  6. All word which the president utters influences people’s mind.
  7. I find much difficult words in the text, but I still I can understand the content.
  8. Chapter third is different from the first and the second.
  9. The students must be advised to respect each other.
  10. Will you show me another models, please! (in a boutique)
  11. I choose these one! Its color is wonderful.
  12. Look at that birds! They are flying to the south.
  13. Sorry, I can’t help you! I have few work to do now!
  14. Only can a few amount of pepper make the soup hotter.
  15. He is lazy. He rarely finishes much jobs he gets.

Task Six


Correct the prepositions below!

  1. The young marriage often involves women who are still in sixteen.
  2. Please, prepare yourselves! Everyone will have been here on 9:00.
  3. These workers have been repairing the bridge for Monday.
  4. Some diligent students always submit their task at the time.
  5. At the beginning, we had only two workers. Now, there are more than a thousand workers.
  6. Some men in strange suits came to the building five minutes ago.
  7. I saw him at the conference room with his lecture discussing something seriously.
  8. He has moved the boxes on the higher shelves, so you can put your stuff in the lower shelves.
  9. Though our ability is under theirs, we should not be pessimistic.
  10. I am familiar to the person sitting with the headmaster.
  11. I found this wonderful book while I was recollecting the old books.
  12. The complete souvenir shop at this city is at 22c Trunojoyo street.
  13. Novels from Stephen King are always bestseller. I like reading them.
  14. There is a unique statue on this souvenir stall. I want to buy it.
  15. My friend who is getting obese is in a strictly diet to control her weight.

Task Seven

Preposition with certain adjectives, and participles

Correct the prepositions below!

  1. Was she aware on your being there?
  2. Many young people get involved to gaining support for their favorite governor.
  3. We were quite shocked with what they did to us.
  4. Owing by the new policy, we won’t be able to be creative anymore.
  5. Is every one ready about the challenging games?
  6. The success of our plan absolutely depends of whether we can work together as a team or not.
  7. The workers having a strike are begging from the increasing salary.
  8. You shouldn’t complain on everything that you get for you are given perfect body.
  9. The orphans here are taken care by so well that they forget their miserable past life.
  10. Most teenagers are keen at uploading their photos.
  11. The manager is upset to the result of his staff’s work as they didn’t work maximally.
  12. If you don’t change the material for the training, every one will object in doing it.
  13. Every one was shouting toward one another so angrily that we needed the police the handle it.
  14. The director isn’t available now because he is having a meeting by his staff.
  15. We should write toward the publisher to ask about the next edition.

Task Eight

Phrasal Verb

Correct the prepositions below!

  1. What we have decided calls at immediate approval so that we can finish it on time.
  2. Even though there are many people objection to the government’s decision on racing the fuel price, the plan is still going to be carried by.
  3. Our country falls before with others in technology. Public services are still done manually.
  4. The psychiatrist is helping her get on her trauma after being raped.
  5. People are getting at to the continuous natural disasters due to their ignorance to their environment.
  6. You must prepare the correct answer because the chief may touch at the mistake that you made yesterday.
  7. Our boss seldom look for the student’s problem well, so the treatment is often improper.
  8. What a wonderful meeting! I came by my old friends in a wedding party.
  9. Have you checked all the expenses? When it is done, add them in.
  10. I don’t understand why he called out the activity without telling us. We have prepared for it.
  11. I have looked after this topic in some books, but I still cannot find the complete information on it.
  12. Finally, he is able to figure on what have worried him so long.
  13. As the chipmunks hadn’t cleaned out the mess they made before Dave arrived home, they were grounded.
  14. She is trying out some wedding gowns.
  15. You haven’t filled up the last form, have you?


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