Chapter 8: Report texts and Noun Clause

BSE : 3.8/4.8/2/7.3

Chapter 8: Report text on technology and Noun Clause

Basic Competence

3.8 membedakan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsu rkebahasaan beberapa teks report lisan dan tulis dengan memberi dan meminta informasi terkait teknologi yang tercakup dalam mata pelajaran lain di Kelas X sesuai dengan konteks penggunaannya

4.8 teks report

4.8.1 menangkap makna secara kontekstual terkait fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan teks report lisan dan tulis, terkait teknologi yang tercakup dalam mata pelajaran lain di Kelas X

4.8.2 menyusun teks report lisan dan tulis, terkait teknologi yang tercakup dalam mata pelajaran lain di Kelas X, dengan memperhatikan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan, secara benar dan sesuai konteks

Learning purpose

In this chapter, you will learn about Report texts on technology. Surely, you will have to understand the proper grammatical structure you can find in the sentences.  Practicing how to compose a report text by using proper grammatical structures is needed to enhance your understanding on the social function and structure of the report text.

Learning process

GENERAL INSTRUCTION: You must ensure that you understand the material step by step. At the end, there will be an evaluation to test your level of understanding on the material. When your level is above the passing score, you may continue to the next material. Before you ask for the evaluation, please ensure yourself that you have already mastered the whole material in this chapter. 


Answer the questions below!

  1. What is technology?
  2. Mention kinds of technology you are familiar with.

You can learn a lot about technology by reading a lot. The four texts below will give you understanding about technology as well as the genre of the texts, that is Report text.


Here are four texts to be discussed in groups! One group discusses one text. Present the result of the discussion in front of the class! You may add some information relating to the text. The questions below each text may help you understand the text well.

Text One

Applications can be divided into three categories based on how they are developed and distributed. Commercial applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, and general-purpose Database management Systems (DBmS) are developed by companies specializing in such software and distributed to a variety of businesses and individual users. Niche or specialized applications (such as hospital billing systems) are designed for and marketed to a particular industry. These programs tend to be much more expensive and usually include extensive technical support. Finally, in-house applications are developed by programmers within a business or other institution for their own use. Examples might include employee training aids or a Web-based product catalog (although such applications could also be developed using commercial software such as multimedia or database development tools). While each application area has its own needs and priorities, the discipline of software development is generally applicable to all major products. Software developers try to improve speed of development as well as program reliability by using software development tools that simplify the writing and testing of computer code, as well as the manipulation of graphics, sound, and other resources used by the program. An applications developer must also have a good understanding of the features and limitations of the relevant operating system. The developer of commercial software must work closely with the marketing department to work out issues of feature selection, timing of releases, and anticipation of trends in software use.


Answer the questions below!

  1. How are the applications categorized?
  2. What does the first sentence show?
  3. Who are the users of Commercial applications?
  4. What is the difference between Commercial applications and Niche ones?
  5. Can Niche applications be used for individual users? Explain your answer.
  6. These programs tend …” (line 5) What does “these programs” refer to?
  7. Are the programmers of all applications the same? Explain your answer.
  8. “….for their own use.” (line 7) What does “their” refer to?
  9. What is meant by “employee training aids”?
  10. What do the software developers use to speed up the development of a software?

Text two

Starting in the 1980s, many organizations sought to connect their employees’ desktop computers so they could share central databases, share or back up files, communicate via e-mail, and collaborate on projects. A system that links computers within a single office or home, or a larger area such as a building or campus, is called a local area network (LAN). (Larger networks linking branches of an organization throughout the country or world are called wide area networks, or WANs. See network.)

There are two basic ways to connect computers in a LAN. The first, called Ethernet, was developed by a project at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) led by Robert Metcalfe. Ethernet uses a single cable line called a bus to which all participating computers are connected. Each data packet is received by all computers, but processed only by the one it is addressed to. Before sending a packet, a computer first checks to make sure the line is free. Sometimes, due to the time delay before a packet is received by all computers, another computer may think the line is free and start transmitting. The resulting collision is resolved by having both computers stop and wait varying times before resending. Because connecting all computers to a single bus line is impractical in larger installations, Ethernet networks are

frequently extended to multiple offices by connecting a bus in each office to a switch, creating a subnetwork or segment (this is sometimes called a star topology). The switches are then connected to a main bus. Packets are first routed to the switch for the segment containing the destination computer.

The switch then dispatches the packet to the destination computer. Another advantage of this switched Ethernet system is that more-expensive, high-bandwidth cable can be used to connect the switches to move the packets more quickly over greater distances, while less-expensive cabling can be used to connect each computer to its local switch. An alternative way to arrange a LAN is called token ring. Instead of the computers being connect to a bus that ends in a terminator, they are connected in a circle where the last computer is connected to the first. Interference is prevented by using a special packet called the token. Like the use of a “talking stick” in a tribal council, only the computer holding the token can transmit at a given time. After transmitting, the computer puts the token back into circulation so it can be grabbed by the next computer that wants to send data.

(taken from Henderson Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology)

State whether the statement below is true or false!

  1. The aim of building LAN was to search the employee’s connection on their desktop computers.
  2. The need of sharing database and backup files was the factor of LAN innovation.
  3. LAN and WAN have similar system.
  4. Ethernet is one of the basic ways in a LAN that connects the participants’ computer with a bus.
  5. The data which are sent to computers can be processed in those computers.
  6. More than two packets can be sent in the same time if the line is free.
  7. The collision of the data may happen when there is a delayed transmitting.
  8. Star topology is effectively used in a larger installation.
  9. In the switched Ethernet system, the high-bandwidth is used in both greater and lower distances.
  10. The difference between Ethernet system and token ring lies on how all computers connected.
  11. In token ring, the token can be used by any computer.

Text Three

Technology has improved in any field so fast that it is useful for everyone to have their job more effective and efficient.  With the emergence of big data that are interconnected to one another, there appear some ways technology can contribute in healthcare. They don’t have any relation with the medical advancement or the new forms of medical treatments, but rather on the influence of technology on healthcare. The first is the remote examination. By using telecommunication technology, patients can consult a physician on their sickness via a video call. This virtual visit will significantly save not only the time for both the patient and the doctor but also the old people who may get heart attacks or falls. The next is on-the-go-smartphone monitoring. This is a combination of smartphone and wearable devices. By downloading a certain application in the smartphone, for example, one can detect his or her amount of blood sugar level through the device he or she is wearing. This crucial information from the device may help the person decide how to treat the disease. The linked data from patients, surely guaranteed not to be exposed freely, give more accuracy on the analyses of human condition. The following is also impactful enough to healthcare, that is 3D printing. It is used to print from synthetic skin to prosthetics.

(adapted from: July 19, 2018, Technology and Healthcare: Do the two go hand-in-hand?;

Write the lines of sentences in the passage where you can find the statement below!

  1. Healthcare is quite efficient by the assistance of technology.
  2. Doctors are able to help more patients despite the absence of face to face consultation.
  3. The emergence of apps connected to certain devices helps people take care of their own health.
  4. The development in printing gives doctors the clear images on human bodies.

Text Four

Food processing is the transformation of agricultural products into food, or of one form of food into other forms. Food processing includes many forms of processing foods, from grinding grain to make raw flour to home cooking to complex industrial methods used to make convenience foods. There are three classifications of the food processing.

Primary food processing turns agricultural products, such as raw wheat kernels or livestock, into something that can eventually be eaten. This category includes ingredients that are produced by ancient processes such as drying, threshing, winnowing, and milling grain, shelling nuts, and butchering animals for meat. It also includes deboning and cutting meat, freezing and smoking fish and meat, extracting and filtering oils, canning food, preserving food through food irradiation, and candling eggs, as well as homogenizing and pasteurizing milk. Contamination and spoilage problems in primary food processing can lead to significant public health threats, as the resulting foods are used so widely. However, many forms of processing contribute to improved food safety and longer shelf life before the food spoils. Commercial food processing uses control systems such as hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) to reduce the risk of harm. Baking bread is an example of secondary food processing.

Secondary food processing is the everyday process of creating food from ingredients that are ready to use. Baking bread, regardless of whether it is made at home, in a small bakery, or in a large factory, is an example of secondary food processing. Fermenting fish and making wine, beer, and other alcoholic products are traditional forms of secondary food processing. Sausages are a common form of secondary processed meat, formed by comminution (grinding) of meat that has already undergone primary processing.

Tertiary food processing is the commercial production of what is commonly called processed food. These are ready-to-eat or heat-and-serve foods, such as TV dinners and re-heated airline meals.


Based on the passage,

  1. We can conclude that in food processing, agricultural products …
  2. We know that public health can be threatened …
  3. It is inferred that avoiding the spoilage of the food …
  4. We can get the conclusion that in the secondary food processing, the ingredients …
  5. It can be concluded that re-heated airline meals …

To understand the texts more, you had better learn about the clauses.


Review Adjective Clause

Complete the sentences below!

  1. The farmers who … produce the best wine in this region.
  2. By using high technology, some artists whom … are displaying their art work in the international art exhibition.
  3. We are looking for teenagers whose …
  4. Teaching methods which … will interest students to learn science.
  5. Urban people have been used to the communication technology which …
  6. What parents should learn is applying some applications that …
  7. Some doctors whose … have applied the virtual visit.
  8. The business activities which … become more and more effective.
  9. People whose … get advantages from the development in the communication technology.
  10. The teachers who … must be literate.
  11. Some educators think that characters which … will help students to improve their own live.
  12. Some games which … can be used for building characters.
  13. Teachers can use some applications which … in their teaching and learning process.
  14. Technology which … may help improve airline safety.
  15. Public transportations which … becomes more and more comfortable.


Noun Clause

Change the underlined noun into a proper noun clause.

  1. People improve technology for getting more money.
  2. The number of airplane with high technology becomes the main topic of people’s discussing.
  3. The government’s decision is on the new regulation on the airline safety.
  4. Businessmen implement technology in their strategy to gain a lot of profit.
  5. A profit-making and Cost-saving aspect is considered thoroughly.
  6. The way people communicate has been changed since the discovery of gadgets.
  7. The place for displaying new technologies in art is still being discussed.
  8. Do people really care about the damage of the environments?
  9. The question is the technician’s competence.
  10. Don’t you understand the reason of giving them the hard punishment on this task?
  11. We should pay attention on the little amount of people’s knowledge on recycling waste.
  12. His ability to persuade people leads him to this position.
  13. Everyone won’t agree to the time for holding the ceremony.
  14. Anime is the only historian rejecting the high technology in his research.
  15. The people’s preference in using mass media determines their existence.

Complete the sentences below!

  1. That … amazes people.
  2. We believe that …
  3. Our decision is that …
  4. Whom … doesn’t matter for me.
  5. A lot of people concern much on how …
  6. Some factories are interested in what …
  7. We may not avoid what …
  8. How many … has been on the list.
  9. The staff reported that …
  10. We want to know why …
  11. All leaders in the world agree that …
  12. When … will become the unforgettable moment.
  13. He often asks me which …
  14. The problem is whose …
  15. What … may influence his decision.


Use the information from the texts above to make 10 sentences by using adjective clause or noun clause!


Chapter 8: Giving Examples and Passive Forms

BSE : 3.8/4.8/4/8.1


Basic Competence

3.8 menerapkan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan teks interaksi transaksional lisan dan tulis yang melibatkan tindakan memberi dan meminta informasi terkait pemberian contoh, sesuai dengan konteks penggunaannya. (Perhatikan unsur kebahasaan for example, such as)

4.8 menyusun teks interaksi transaksional lisan dan tulis yang melibatkan tindakan memberi dan meminta informasi terkait pemberian contoh, dengan memperhatikan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan yang benar dan sesuai konteks

Learning purpose

In this chapter, you will learn how to give examples. Surely, you will have to know the proper grammatical structure used to make the description meaningful.  Practicing how to compose a dialogue or monologue is needed to enhance your understanding on the social function and the text structure of that kind of promotion.

Learning process

 GENERAL INSTRUCTION : You must ensure that you understand the material step by step. At the end, there will be an evaluation to test your level of understanding on the material. When your level is above the passing score, you may continue to the next material. Before you ask for the evaluation, please ensure yourself that you have already mastered the whole material in this chapter.



Read the sentences below and tell what the underlined phrases show:

  1. Birds are classified into some groups. One of the groups is based on the fly-weight, including: The Helenas humming bird, found in Cuba, which is so tiny that it often gets caught in spiders’ web and The trumpeter swan which is one of the heaviest birds to fly with a weight of up to 17.2 kg (32lbs)
  2. In an unusually hot and humid day, it is possible for us to undergo heat exhaustion. Fluid lost through perspiration can lead to dehydration. The typical examples of the symptoms are chills, fatique, lightheadedness, thirst, nausea, confusion, feeling faint, weakness and headache.
  3. There are so many wonderful structures in the world. My favorite example is The Great Pyramid of Cheops built between 4 and 3 thousands years BC. It took 100,000 men 20 years to construct using 2,300,000 huge stone blocks which weighed an average of 2 tons each.
  4. Women who diet often eat fewer meals to cut calories. That decreases movement through the gut. When nothing moves, you can’t pass stool. So, the typical example of avoiding the constipation is having breakfast.
  5. To measure the weather, we have Barometer measuring air pressure, Thermometer measuring degrees of heat and coldness, and Thermograph recording air temperature among other examples.

Make a list of giving example-phrases and write the pattern of how to use them in sentences.


Read the passages, underline the sentences containing phrases of example and answer some questions about them!

 Text One

No student of a foreign language needs to be told that grammar is complex.  By changing word sequences and by adding a range of auxiliary verbs and suffixes, we are able to communicate tiny variations in meaning.  We can turn a statement into a question, state whether an action has taken place or is soon to take place, and perform many other word tricks to convey subtle differences in meaning.  Nor is this complexity inherent to the English language.  All languages, even those of so-called ‘primitive’ tribes have clever grammatical components.  The Cherokee pronoun system, for example, can distinguish between ‘you and I’, ‘several other people and I’ and ‘you, another person and I’.  In English, all these meanings are summed up in the one, crude pronoun ‘we’.  Grammar is universal and plays a part in every language, no matter how widespread it is.  So the question which has baffled many linguists is – who created grammar?

(taken from: 

  1. What is the content of this passage?
  2. Based on the explanation given in the passage, do you think that learning grammar is important?


Text Two

Life on Earth started with single-celled bacteria about 4 billion years ago. The earliest life forms could not move under their own power. The Gabon fossils dated to the Paleoproterozoic Era are about 1.5 billion years older than the previous earliest evidence of organism motility.

Abderrazak El Albani, a scientist with the University of Poitiers in France, led the team in Gabon. The shale deposit there has proven to be a treasure for the study of ancient life. Several years ago, Albani and his team discovered it held the oldest fossils know of multicellular animals.

“What matters here is their astonishing complexity and diversity in shape and size, and likely in terms of metabolic, developmental and behavioral patterns, including the just-discovered earliest evidence of motility, at least for certain among them,” Albani said.

(Taken from:

  1. What can you conclude from the first paragraph?
  2. What is meant by “a treasure” in the second paragraph?
  3. “What matters here is their astonishing…” (p.3) What does “their” refer to?

Text Three

According to gang investigators, the gang leaders communicate orders through letters. Where mail is monitored they may use a code–for instance, making every 12th word of a seemingly benign letter significant. They use visits, they put messages into their artwork and in some states they use the telephone.

(taken from:

Paraphrase the sentences in this passage!

Text Four

Prison gangs operating in Texas and Florida include Neta, the Texas Syndicate, the Aztecs, the Mexican Mafia, the New Black Panthers, the Black Guerrilla Family, Mandingo Warriors, Aryan Brotherhood, La Nuestra Familia, the Aryan Circle and the White Knights. Some of these gangs have alliances, and some are mortal enemies. Many on this list originated in California over the decades, some of them (such as the Texas Syndicate) to protect members from the other gangs. In addition, street gangs such as the Crips and Bloods and traditional racial-hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan also operate in the prisons.
What prisoners may not realize is that because the gangs are monitored by prison authorities the law-enforcement community is becoming very sophisticated about the gangs. “Sixty percent of what we learn about what is going on in the city streets of Florida” is garnered in prison and not from observing the streets, says Godwin.

(taken from:

 What information can you get from this short passage?



Punctuation is important in making sentences with examples. Now, learn the examples below!

  1. Traditionally, software applications such as office suites are sold as packages that are installed and reside on the user’s computer.
  2. Niche or specialized applications (such as hospital billing systems) are designed for and marketed to a particular industry.
  3. In-house applications are developed by program-mers within a business or other institution for their own use. Examples might include employee training aids or a Web-based product catalog.
  4. An application suite is a set of programs designed to be used together and marketed as a single package. For example, a typical office suite might include word processing, spreadsheet, database, personal information manager, and e-mail programs.
  5. An application suite such as microsoft Office makes it easier to, for example, launch a Web browser from a link within a word processing document or embed a spreadsheet in the document.

(examples from 1 to 5 are taken from

6. Major changes in human life have been associated with major technological changes, such as the “food-producing revolution,” the “urban revolution,” and the “industrial revolution” and its modern continuations; even the evolution of biologically modern man has been influenced by innovations in tool using.

7. Technology in its broad meaning connotes the practical arts. These arts range from hunting, fishing, gathering, agriculture, animal husbandry, and mining through manufacturing, construction, transportation, provision of food, power, heat, light, etc., to means of communication, medicine, and military technology.

8. Recently, the impression that modern technology is primarily applied science has led to the use of such phrases as “science,” “science policy,” and “science and society” to refer to both the sciences and the practical arts.

9. This is an extremely significant fact for students of technology; however, most descriptions of technologies do not include quantitative information unless that happens to be an explicit part of the practitioner’s traditions —as, for example, in much modern food preparation and in engineering.

10. This will affect, for example, the amount of moving and carrying she does, the extent to which she can economize time by carrying out activities such as forming pots while others are drying or being fired, how close she can come to carrying out processes on the most efficient “batch” scale, etc.

(Examples form 6 to 10 are taken from

Now, here is the exercise how to use the correct punctuation!

Correct the sentences below!

  1. A number of wild animals in Indonesia are facing extinction. For example the Sumatran tiger males has average length around 230 cm from muzzle to the end of tail.
  2. An active volcano in Java, like Merapi has erupted regularly since 1548.
  3. Balak Beach, Lampung, for instance has most rocks and corals on it. The color of them is match with beautiful clean water.
  4. Indonesia is rich of unique kinds of food for example, Surabi, Gudeg, Rujak Petis, and cendol.
  5. When you visit Indonesia, you can enjoy many unique traditions; For example, Debus, Ngaben and Cutting finger.
  6. Other than the official language, Indonesia has so many languages; For example, Javanese, Balinese, Madurese, Buginese are practically used in either in their own region or other region where they live.
  7. Famous people e.g., Confucius, Edmund Halley, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin have contributed much on the people’s life.
  8. The inventors in Physics, such as Albert Einstein, had ever failed in their life.
  9. As technology on aviation has improved well, people choose air transportation most to travel, such as Turboprop, Very light jet, Business jet, and Regional jet.
  10. Wealthy people prefer air transportation like Narrow body aircraft.
  11. Students may have activities outside the school for instance, they may join social organization, but they aren’t allowed to join political one.
  12. Generating electricity can be done in some ways including trapping and storing sun in solar panel, siting windmills where the wind blows and piping up the hot water and steam trapped in the earth.
  13. There are three main types of clouds including, cirrus, Cumulus, and Stratus.
  14. A boil occurs when bacteria, the common example is Staphylococcus aureus invade a hair follicle in the skin, travel down the follicle, and form a collection of infection pus at the base. So, applying an antibacterial, such as Neosporin, helps kill off any bacterium that is inside the boil or the skin.
  15. Women are often attacked by diarrhoea. Though it usually lasts only three days, it can make them feel limp and lousy. Therefore, to get the bowel function well back to normal you can do as follows avoiding milk, eating lightly, drinking as much as you can, and trying chicken stock.



Now, try practicing composing a short paragraph with three things to be clarified by giving examples. Before writing, you had better get some knowledge by reading a lot.



To support your ability in writing, surely you need understanding of good grammar. Here are the exercises of some passive forms.

 Exercise 1:  Passive Voice

Change the active sentences into the passive ones or vice versa!

  1. What we planned yesterday is being discussed.
  2. It was understood why the people sent their complaint to this mall.
  3. We have already explained the people here the importance of keeping their environment clean.
  4. The questions which made the students confused will be revised.
  5. Were you given the information about the next activities?
  6. Old generation still believes that gadgets give more disadvantages than advantages.
  7. Spreading hoaxes have to be stopped for the sake of this country’s unity.
  8. Before the decision was made, I had thought about the risks several times.
  9. Everyone will be entertained by what we are going to perform.
  10. When you visited there, were the refugees given enough food and medical treatment?
  11. The abnormal behavior which the children have shown lately is being observed by some psychiatrists.
  12. Since eating fast food becomes young people’s life style now, parents are required to provide them with healthy food for their future healthy life.
  13. Teenagers are always expected not to be addicted on gadgets.
  14. Stephen Hawking’s life inspires us to do more and more despite his physical disabilities.
  15. The president is going to help many poor students to finish their studies.

Make Passive sentences with these verbs. You may use a verb more than once but, of course, in different sentences.

Reveal, resolve, help, hunt, suspect, coat, rule, infect, cause, hold, hide, advise, bind, direct, endanger, forbid, gain, judge, knock, leave, manage, number, obsess, pay, qualify, send, terminate, use, ventilate, warn, yield, zoom

 Exercise 2: Passive Causative

Paraphrase the sentences below!

  1. My parents always have snap judgement avoided.
  2. He made the rooms in this hotel decorated ethnically.
  3. The owner of the museum has made everything displayed in high technology.
  4. Our boss is getting the customers to try all of the new items in his mall.
  5. That rich woman is making her accessories beautified with gold.
  6. The director will have the staff trained how to serve their clients hospitably.
  7. Some parents were getting their children motivated to be more creative when the director of the director of this foundation passed through the hall.
  8. The President made all of the survivors treated by the professional doctors.
  9. My father, the director of this company, never gets the local authorities bribed to deal with them.
  10. The teacher is having the animals and plants classified based on their habitat.
  11. The top manager has been getting the administration business audited for a week.
  12. I had some regulations revised due to the inconvenient impact on the students.
  13. He should make all of the dishes tasted before being served to the guests.
  14. Does he often have his activities recorded and uploaded to the internet?
  15. I have to get my pictures with my previous lovers burnt to avoid the misunderstanding between me and my fiancé.

 Exercise 3: Passive Participle

Choose a verb in the box to fill in the blank while changing it into the correct form!





















  1. There has been a heart … to the patient with myocarditis in 10 minutes.
  2. We may not enter the emergency room to see our friend … by a venomous snake.
  3. The house … by the high wall turns out to be the place of the illegally … drugs and beverages
  4. The government warn the people not to consume the … water.
  5. Many girls are interested in her pictures mostly … abroad.
  6. A lot of couples … with this method seem to have better relationship.
  7. I lose my files … for my presentation tomorrow.
  8. Some traditional markets … now will become one of the tourism objects.
  9. The bamboo trees … artistically gives different atmosphere and scenic look to this village.
  10. The two books … are so thick that I am getting tired of reading them.
  11. Some old houses … before the first world war still stand firmly and now are used for restaurant … in such a way that people can feel the atmosphere of being in war.
  12. The students of modelling are learning how to design their own clothes … and … in the annual fashion show.
  13. Many young parents feel unable to control the children’s emotion … by throwing anything or crying all day long.
  14. The diseases … by therapist are not usually the chronic ones.
  15. The supplement drink … every day may influence the young teenagers’ health.

 Then, change the passive participle in each sentence into adjective clause!

Exercise 4: Review

Change the verb in the bracket into the correct form! 

  1. The songs (compose) by those children are wonderful enough. They (record) already and (launch) next month.
  2. The national documents (keep) in this museum (not take) care of carefully. Some of them (damage) by book louse.
  3. The host is getting all the dishes (enjoy) because they (make) in accordance to the guests’ appetite.
  4. The questions (give) by the interviewers made me nervous. Fortunately, they (answer) correctly and smoothly.
  5. The teacher will make this paper (revise)  again because there are still many sentences (type) wrongly.
  6. What was happening last night (spread) through the social media so quickly that the police make it (stop).
  7. Many parents have tried to get their children (free) from their gadget, but they (addict) already.
  8. There have been many young people (award) for their concern on reducing the plastic waste. They (deserve) to get it due to their consistency on what they do.
  9. Parents hope to have the online games (play) by a lot of teenagers, even adults, (remove) from the internet.
  10. Game programmers often (blame) for their work get the purpose of gaming (understand) by parents.
  11. Our proposal (approve) by the head master (multiply) and (send) to some schools by Saturday.
  12. The program (activate) now looks helpful enough for the students to learn some subjects (teach) interactively.
  13. The president makes the corruptors usually (illustrate) as a mouse with a tie not only (jail) but also (make) them poor.
  14. Controlling emotion through yoga (learn) by many workers (press) by their work at present.
  15. Although he has made his daughter (win) in the beauty contest by bribing the judges, she (not qualify) by her ability and intelligence.

Correct the sentences below! 

  1. The historians collected the results of their research on a book are all above 70 years old.
  2. Didn’t the event organizer told not to hire those dancers?
  3. Practicing speaking a new language must done regularly to get the best improvement.
  4. The topic gives for the next seminar is too broad for a day seminar.
  5. The person in charge got his members treat well during the event.
  6. I am getting my burger strewing with much cheese.
  7. The students’ ability to comprehend a text is tested now.
  8. No one allowed to enter the building without an identity card.
  9. The new approach introduces to the employees to enhance their skill.
  10. What was write on this book is true and motivates me much.
  11. How did they get their task finish so fast?
  12. We don’t really understand the statement stating by our leader.
  13. The difficult method have been simplified by the most competent person.
  14. Don’t buy the things offering by someone you don’t know well.
  15. It’s necessary to have our job evaluate for the better result.



Practicing a lot can enhance your skills in English, therefore you are advised to present to the class a certain topic to tell of course with some examples.