Chapter 6: Too, Enough, and Degrees of Comparison

BSE : 3.6/4.6/2/6.1    Subject: ENGLISH LITERATURE

 CHAPTER 6 : Too, Enough, Degrees of Comparison, and Impersonal IT

Basic Competence

3.6 menerapkan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan teks interaksi transaksional lisan dan tulis yang melibatkan tindakan memberi dan meminta informasi terkait kecukupan untuk dapat / tidak dapat melakukan / menjadi sesuatu, sesuai dengan konteks penggunaannya.  (Perhatikan unsur kebahasaan tooto …, …enough to…)

4.6 menyusun teks interaksi transaksional lisan dan tulis yang melibatkan tindakan memberi dan meminta informasi terkait kecukupan untuk dapat / tidak dapat melakukan / menjadi sesuatu, dengan memperhatikan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan yang benar dan sesuai konteks

In this chapter, you will learn about Too, Enough, Degrees of Comparison and Impersonal IT. Surely, you will have to know the proper grammatical structure of them.  Practicing how to compose sentences by using those structures is needed to enhance your understanding on their social function and structure.

  1. Learning process

GENERAL INSTRUCTION : You must ensure that you understand the material step by step. At the end, there will be an evaluation to test your level of understanding on the material. When your level is above the passing score, you may continue to the next material. Before you ask for the evaluation, please ensure yourself that you have already mastered the whole material in this chapter.



  1. It is wonderful to live in this beautiful country.
  2. It is too far for us to reach the place on foot.
  3. The second team is too strong to beat.
  4. This book looks more readable for kids than that one.
  5. It is warm enough to stay here.
  6. We have enough information to write an essay.
  7. Our house is the most comfortable place for us.
  8. The two runners from Papua are running faster and faster.
  9. Everyone can understand the written instructions better than the spoken ones.
  10. It will be a brilliant idea to let the students create their own stories through pictures.

 Now, pay attention on the grammatical structure of each underlined sentence or phrase. Find their structure on your grammar book, then try doing the exercises below!


Change the sentences below into the structure of Impersonal IT!

  1. To remember evereything isn’t effective.
  2. Understanding the main ideas when reading is important.
  3. That many people ignore the cleanliness of their environment is annoying.
  4. What you told them to do looks quite effective for stimulating their creativity.
  5. Leaving a butt of the burning cigarrette in the forest is a big mistake.
  6. Where we will stay doesn’t matter for us.
  7. To go fishing with this unique spear looks easy.
  8. How parents manage their time for their children has been a serious concern lately.
  9. Surviving in the forest without any accompaniment is a great challenge.
  10. That our president knows about some online games is surprising.
  11. What happened on the coastal regions along the Sunda strait was a tragedy.
  12. To have knowledge about nature is advantageous when exploring the nature.
  13. That artificial intelligence controls our life is possible.
  14. To pass through this area is dangerous.
  15. That teenagers become so addictive to gadgets is threatening for our country’s future.


Arrange the jumbled words into a meaningful sentence with TOO or ENOUGH construction.

  1. strange – It – see – is – enough – to – not – the – village – people – greeting – another – in – one – this.
  2. It – be – side – you – too – hot – will – for – stand – on – that – to.
  3. This – bind – rope – package – is – long – to – too – the.
  4. time – for – is – The – long – the – enough – to – two – complete – studets – the – tasks.
  5. proofs – The – enough – police – did – him – not – have – to – jail – send – to.
  6. The – is – that – in – service – hotel – too – for – the – disappointing – stay – guests – to – longer – any.
  7. puzzle – for – is – This – too – children – difficult – 15 – the – to – in – finish – minutes.
  8. Enough – His – are – hilarious – jokes – people – to – the – old – entertain.
  9. steep – The – the – cliff – is – too – even – for – climber – to – experienced – climb.
  10. argument – enough – was – debate – Your – smart – win – to – this.


Use the correct form of adjective in the bracket to complete the sentences below! 

  1. This route is … (possible) to pass through than the other one because it is … (wide).
  2. Some new employees look as … (skillful) as the old ones.
  3. Girls are usually … (brave) to express their feelings than the boys.
  4. I think that child is … (curious) about this experiment. He looks so ignorant and just busy with his book.
  5. I like this doll as it is … (cute) of all.
  6. Are you sure that this is … (short) way?
  7. Students, nowadays becomes … and … (impolite) to teachers.
  8. Teachers, at present are … (respectable) than those in the past because they only teach not educate.
  9. She doesn’t look as … (fine) as she was yesterday.
  10. These people’s faith to God is as … (strong) as their faith to the nation.
  11. The … (busy) we are, the … (little) physical exercises we have.
  12. Noone is interested to invest in this company as it becomes … and … (profitable).
  13. This little sea creature is … (poisonous) in the world. You won’t feel its bite but in some seconds, your nerves are destroyed.
  14. The … (colourful) the snakes is, the … (venomous) it is.
  15. Her performance was … (good) but she didn’t win. Why?
  16. The weather gets … and … (harsh) these days.
  17. The winner of the beauty contest is as … (elegant) as she is … (beautiful).
  18. This device is … (expensive) than it is … (useful).
  19. After joining the workshop, the employees become … (industrious) than before joining it.
  20. The students are … and … (creative). They do their task merely for points.


Degrees of Comparison is also used for sentences with adverb of manner.  Now, choose the correct answer whether it should be adjective or adverb of manner!

  1. The policewoman is talking … (less persuasive; more persuasive;   persuasively;   more persuasively) than the policeman does.
  2. The … (fastest; faster;   more fastly;   most fastly) you type, the … (least;   less;   little;  fewer) time you need to finish this report.
  3. The scriptwriter pictures the adventures in the novel as … (imaginative; imaginatively;   imaginative than;  imaginatively as) the author did.
  4. We have to explain … (more accurate; more accurately;   as accurately;  the most accurately) than we did yesterday. They still don’t get the process.
  5. He told me that his girl friend became … (more and more possessive; more and more possessively;  the most possessive;  more possessively)
  6. Desy presented the proposal … (most impressive; more impressively;  the most impressively;  more impressive) of all the candidates.
  7. The … (more nervous; more nervously;  most nervous;  most nervously) you are, the …  (more possible;  more possibly;  most possibly;  most possible) you forget what you are going to talk.
  8. Nowadays, teenagers become … (more and more emotional; more and more emotionally;  less ad less emotional;   less and less emotionally) because they aren’t used to meeting people personally.
  9. Our new manager works … (most professionally; more proffesional;  the most professional;   the most professionally) of all managers we have ever had.
  10. This time the students do their tasks … (less seriously; more seriously;  less serious;  more serious) because they have known the importance of them for their future.
  11. The online news spreads … (more globally;  more global;   the most globally;  the most global) than it is from television stations.
  12. This company needs … (more practical; more practically;  less practically;  less practical) experience in operating any kind of machine for it requires  someone who will test each machine.
  13. He uttered a certain word … (more numerously; more numerous;  less numerously;  less numerous) than the other speaker did.
  14. My brother arranges his stuff … (as neatly as; more neat than;  neater than;  as neat as) my father does.
  15. Bambang’s clothes looks … (the most casually; the most casual; more casually;  as casual) of all boys in this garden party.


State whether each sentence below is correct or incorrect! If it is incorrect, make it right.

  1. It is enough satisfying to get a delicious complimentary snack and drink after swimming in this hotel.
  2. The most wealthy a person is, the more difficultly he gives to others.
  3. It is too unfair for us to get such numerous tasks while they are just enjoying a leisure time.
  4. Getting the tickets for their favorite movie is more than a just reward for the children who worked hard for getting the first place in this festival.
  5. The tiger was attacking its prey more pierce than the bear did.
  6. This disease is becoming more and more acutely, but there hasn’t been any proper cure yet.
  7. The food stands are too compact for the sellers to sell their food to the buyers.
  8. It will unpleasant staying here any longer due to the smell of the garbage.
  9. Commonly, the more costly a hotel is, the better service and facilities it will give.
  10. We have time enough to enjoy some culinary delights while waiting for our flight.
  11. The critics criticize the government less and less mild as they see that the government is working hard for the people’s welfare.
  12. This journey is very sore for him to finish as he has never walked such a long and wild route.
  13. The less petty the matter is, the more ignorantly people will be toward it.
  14. The screen of your computer is too bright for you to work on.
  15. It was a fantastic experience to be a real princess for a day in that castle.
  16. It seems comfort having lunch while looking at the fishes which are swimming to and fro.
  17. The quietness of this situation is distracting enough for us to escape the notice.
  18. She posed the most sexy of all the models that were being selected for beauty products.
  19. He will refuse to get involved in this case for his life has been enough sour after being betrayed by the police’s decision.
  20. This food is too fatty for the old people to digest. You should change the menu.





  1. Write the grammatical structures of Impersonal IT!
  2. Write the grammatical structures of Too and Enough!
  3. Write the grammatical structures of Degrees of Comparison in adjectives!
  4. Write the grammatical structures of Degrees of Comparison in adverbs!


No Questions Yes No
1. Can you identify the grammatical structures of Impersonal IT?
2. Can you identify the grammatical structures of Too and Enough!?
3. Can you identify the present and future tenses in sentences?
4. Can you identify the grammatical structures of Degrees of Comparison in adjectives?
5. Can you identify the grammatical structures of Degrees of Comparison in adverbs?
6 Can you apply the learnt structures in dialogues?